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Millennium Falcon UCS 8445 pcs (75192 compatible) King 05132 Star Series Building Block Set

Millennium Falcon UCS 8445 pcs (75192 compatible) King 05132 Building Block Set

SKU: 05132

Millennium Falcon UCS 8445 pcs (75192 compatible) King 05132 Star Series Building Block Set *FREE* Shipping
The set consists of 8445 pieces and is designed for kids aged 6-60+

Includes 4 classic crew mini figures: Han Solo, Chewbacca, Princess Leia and C-3PO.

Also includes 3 Episode VII/VIII crew mini figures: Older Han Solo, Rey and Finn. Figures include a BB-8 droid, 2 buildable Porgs and a buildable Mynock.

Exterior features include intricately detailed and removable hull panels, a lowering boarding ramp, concealed blaster cannon, 4-minifigure cockpit with detachable canopy, interchangeable round/rectangular sensor dishes, upper and lower quad laser cannons, and 7 landing legs.Main hold features a seating area, Dejarik holographic game, combat remote training helmet, engineering station with turning mini figure seat and a doorway build with passageway decoration

Rear compartment features the engine room with hyperdrive and console, 2 doorways, hidden floor compartment, 2 escape pod hatches, engineering console and an access ladder to the gunnery station.Gunnery station features a mini figure gunner’s seat and detachable hull panel with fully rotating quad laser cannon.

An additional quad laser cannon is also mounted on the underside. This model includes 7,500 pieces.Also includes an informational fact plaque. Features a new-for-October-2017 cockpit canopy element.

  • Product Info



    - Brand Name: King/Lepin/Dinggao

    - Model Number: 05132/81085/DG005

    - Pieces: 8445

    - Compatibility: 75192

    - Shipping: FREE

    - Brand new in factory sealed bags

    - No original box included

    - Shipped from either Singapore or China warehouse

    - Material: Environmentally friendly ABS plastic

    - Type: Block Set, Building Block Toys

    - Style: DIY Construction Toy, Educational Toy

    - Place of Origin: China

    - Age: 6 - 60+ years

    - Colour: As per Pictures

    - MOQ: 1 Set

    - 100% compatible to other brand and other manufacturers

  • Shipping Info



    - NO ORIGINAL BOX INCLUDED (The original box is too large and too

    costly to transport)

    - Repacked into a stronger and smaller shipping box/bubblewrap to keep shipping cost down and for maximum protection.

    - We only ship to address provided on payment (Non P.O. Box), Pls check that your delivery address must match your payment address.

    - All our package come with tracking number. Tracking information is available within 1-5 days after ordering as the shipping service allocates it.

    - Comprehensive Paper instructions are included with every set

    - Delivery times will vary from 7 to 28+ days depending on your location and the available courier service. Contact us for express shipping options.

    - We Do Not accept returns unless damaged or you received the wrong product, returns at customer expense. Any refund is less the payment processors fee(Their policy not ours)

    - Any returns, customs fees, import tax or any additional charges are at customer expense 

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